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In 1988 an unusual form of Qigong, called Aromatic or Fragrant Qigong (Xiang Gong), kept secret by the monks for centuries, began to be taught openly in China.  It is so named because of the fragrances that appear from nowhere as the form is practiced.  The bigger the group the stronger the scent.  Even passers-by have smelt it.

An old man, called Tian Ruisheng was responsible for teaching it publicly.  Due to its simplicity and incredible healing effects, Fragrant Qigong very quickly spread all over China and in less than 2 years it became the biggest style of Qigong ever taught by anyone, despite the fact that it had never been advertised.  And Master Tian became one of China's instant celebrities. 

Today Fragrant Qigong is practiced by millions throughout China.  It is claimed that the form brings enormous therapeutic results, especially with asthma, diabetes, stroke, deafness, arthritis, skin diseases, circulatory problems, obesity, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, kidney and gall stones and is very good for reducing stress.

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